Condo Design Ideas to Improve Mood and Overall Mental Health

Condo Design Ideas to Improve Mood and Overall Mental Health

A person’s mood is very much determined by his or her personal space; this can mean his or her office, bedroom, or even house as a whole. It’s important to make your individual space comfortable, welcoming, and peaceful in order to create positive energy and overall health and wellness. There are many ways to do this, all with a positive outcome. This is true no matter how large or small space is. In this post, you will learn how to improve mood and overall health by focusing on your interior design, specifically in a condo.

Interior Designs and Decor to Boost Health and Wellness

Interior design is a very powerful thing to understand and use to your advantage when striving to make a space that will improve mood and health. Here are some things to consider as you design your condo with your mental state in mind.

Pay Attention to Paint

The color of space will have a direct impact on one’s mood. As you think of ways to design your condo, pay attention to paint. Neutral colors, like tan cream, and white are the best colors to paint a room. Of course, neutral colors are versatile, but they also create feelings of coziness and ease in space. In addition to neutral colors, light colors, such as lavender, pale blue, and faded yellow are also great colors that will create positive emotions.
Dark colors, like dark brown, red, and even orange can create feelings of anxiety and discomfort so it’s recommended not to choose these colors if you are looking to create an improved mood in your home.

Integrate Plants

Plants will improve the feel and mood of a room while also improving health because they will be putting clean air into the space. Being outdoors and getting fresh air can instantly improve the mood of a person, in fact, it’s often recommended that people that are dealing with stress or anxiety spend time outside because the outdoors create emotions of peace and ease. These positive emotions can also be achieved on some level by integrating plants into your condo design. Plants, large or small, are a great way to bring nature indoors. Here are some popular plants to consider putting in your condo design:

  • Succulents
  • Cacti
  • Spider Plant
  • Aloe Vera Plant
  • Peace Lily

Plants can be focal points of a room or they can be small pieces of decor found on a shelf. Likewise, all plants will purify the air of space. No matter the size or kind of plant you integrate into your condo design, you will be improving your mood and health.

Create an Open-Floor Plan

An open space in a condo will eliminate feelings of overwhelmingness and clutter. In order to create an open floor plan in your condo, make sure that furniture is not touching the walls and that pieces of furniture are a good distance away from one another.
In an open floor plan, decor and furniture are minimal. Minimal furniture will allow you to keep only what is necessary, getting rid of pieces that make a room feel cluttered and thrown together. After your space is more open, you will feel more relaxed when you are in it. Overall, you will have an improved mental state from a well put together and open room.

Hang Memorabilia or Decor that Means Something to You

This is a simple and easy way to improve mood and mental health in a space. Make it a point to hang memorabilia and decor that means something to you and makes you happy. Often people don’t hang decor that has value to them because they don’t think that it goes with the aesthetic of the room. However, decor that has value will evoke positive feelings when you look at it.

In fact, an independent senior living in NJ promotes that residents make their space their own by hanging pictures, art, and memorabilia that reflects their lives as this makes their home feel comfortable and familiar.

Consider hanging pictures from family vacations in your home office, integrate eclectic pieces of art in your family room that you collected when visiting a foreign place, frame a poster of your favorite band in your bedroom; overall, just make your space feel like a reflection of you.

Make Lightning a Priority

Lighting is key in a room, it can make or break the way a person feels in a room, having a direct impact on his or her mood. It’s best to incorporate natural light where you can in a space because natural light increases a person’s mood the most. If you have multiple windows in your condo, consider placing furniture that you will be sitting underneath them. Or, if you don’t have windows that you can put furniture underneath, perhaps they are on the ceiling or they are too low to the ground, make sure that your window treatment allows for light to come in.
Additionally, if there is a room in your condo that doesn’t have windows or good natural light, install lighting fixtures that will brighten up your space. Some lighting fixtures are for decoration purposes only and do not provide beneficial lighting, or sometimes the lighting is too bright which can cause anxiety. Consider installing LED light bulbs in lighting fixtures that can be dimmed. LED lights are not known to cause anxiety despite their brightness; this is likely because LED lights do not flicker like other light bulbs. Though they are brighter than most light, having the ability to dim them will create positive emotions in your space.

Improve Your Mood and Mental Health with Interior Design

As you think of ways to design your condo, try to design it with your overall mood and mental health in mind. Your condo is likely where you are going to be spending the majority of your time, so it’s important that it evokes all positive emotions. Ultimately, it’s important to create a space that will make you feel comfortable, happy, and peaceful.

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