Common smoking accessories that can improve your smoking experience

Common smoking accessories that can improve your smoking experience

In many states across America, the legalization of marijuana has revolutionized the online headshop industry. So, an avid smoker can hop on the internet and buy their favorite smoking accessories with just a click.

If you are not an avid smoker and exploring new accessories to experiment with, pipes and bongs should be on top of the list of any smoker. There are multiple ways to enjoy your favorite herbs but putting them in a bong or a traditional pipe improves your smoking experience.

Moreover, compared to other smoking methods, pipes and bongs make the smoke smoother and give you a better hit. If you roll your herbs using tobacco or a rolling paper, then the smoke might feel harsher to you.

It is easy to be mesmerized by the multitudes of smoking devices available on online headshops as a beginner.

So, here are some of the best accessories that you must buy to improve your smoking sessions.


Unlike other smoking accessories, a chillum is more than a two-hundred-year-old accessory that you can smoke. But, the origination of the chillum is still unknown as many believe that it was originated in Indin back in the 18th century; on the other hand, some think its origins are from Africa around the same time. Anyway, you can find a glass, clay, or even a ceramic chillum on any of the online headshops.

It is an easy-to-use smoking accessory as there are not a lot of parts involved. A chillum is a hollow pipe with a small bowl at one end to put in your herb. At the other end, there is a small hole for smoke inhalation.

A chillum is the oldest form of smoking, and you can find a chillum for affordable rates across headshops.


A bong is yet another classic after chillum, as these types of pipes have a water bowl and a long smoking chamber. A thin stem penetrates the bong from the side with a small bowl wherein you can put in your herbs. The stem touches the water in the bowl, and once you light the herbs, the smoke you inhale will be purified of toxins by filtering it through the water, making the smoke more smooth and giving you a mellow high.

Bongs come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. Moreover, bongs have a lot of additional features as well. For instance, a bong can have features like an ice holder, z shaped pipes, a percolator, and other elements that can improve the quality of smoke you inhale.


A bubbler is a tiny bong with a water bowl, a stem for keeping your herbs, and a small chamber. The bubblers are palm-sized smoking accessories, and most of them have a percolator to filter the smoke further. Besides smoking the herbs directly from a bubbler, you can put a rolled joint in the stem.


Pipes are similar to a chillum, but they are made of glass. The glass pipes are hollow and have a large bowl at the end, a mouthpiece, and a hole (the carb). When you pack your herb in the bowl, keep the finger covered to trap the smoke in the hallow pipe and inhale the smoke from the other end. Once you have inhaled enough smoke, you can release the finger from the hole to relieve the smoke from the pipe. The smoke from pipes is harsher than smoke from a bong, providing an authentic smoking experience. You will especially enjoy smoking from a pipe if you have high-quality herbs.

These are some of the smoking accessories you can buy to smoke. When you hop onto online headshops, you must look for other smoking accessories to pair with your pipes and bongs.


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