Common Causes For Swimming Pool Drowning Accidents

Common Causes For Swimming Pool Drowning Accidents

Something that is important for anyone who will be watching a child, whether they are a babysitter or a relative or a family friend, is what drowning doesn’t look like. When people are drowning in movies they may call out or act in other ways that are appropriate for a movie film, but they don’t accurately depict what a person looks like when they are struggling to swim. It’s important to be aware of this because it can save a life coach – a person who is drowning may actually look like they’re playing. The general population doesn’t know that when a person is drowning they are also struggling to breathe, which is why sound can’t come out of their throat. This leaves the victim in a most precarious spot where the untrained observer may mistake their movements for playing, while the victim is unable to cry out for help.

Causes For Drowning

Among the most common reasons for drowning include:

  • Unattended children: anything can happen in a moment of distraction, so it is important that children are observed when they are in the water.
  • Panicking in the water: Kids can get scared due to the waves or other swimmers in busybodies of water.
  • Inability to swim: young summer should stay near the shore or at the shallow end of the pool in order to stay safe. They should also use safety devices, such as flotation devices
  • Wall crawlers: Children who cannot swim or are afraid to will usually cling to the wall of the pool. Sometimes they may cling to the pool wall if they are tired. It’s important to observe these children and watch for them. Encourage them to move to the shallow end of the pool where they may feel much more confident, they will certainly be safer

Signs Of Drowning

So now that you know that your idea of drowning may not be accurate, what should you look for? If you see the signs, then the person may have been drowning for a while. You will need to rescue them and perform CPR, and have another individual call 911:

  • Head tilted back: instinctively the victim is going to try to keep their airways clear of water, but their body may still be in a vertical position, and they might be getting water in their mouth and nose.
  • Isolated: again, when someone is drowning it may look like they are playing, except for the fact that you may notice nobody is playing with them, and they are moving quite frantically. This is why some children have died within a few feet of another adult because it was assumed that the child was playing, even though The child was clearly alone.
  • Floating face down for more than 30 seconds: in this case, immediately retrieve the person, administer CPR, and have someone call 911.

When A Loved One Has Drowned

If you or a loved one was a victim of a swimming pool drowning accident then you have a right to compensation for your damages. Your damages can include medical expenses, missed time from work and future miss time at work, and non-economic damages such as pain and suffering that goes along with losing a loved one to drowning. A personal injury attorney with many years of experience can guide you and help you learn more about your rights.


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