Climate Terror: Extreme Waves Will Get Even Bigger For This Reason – The Result Is Tragic

Climate Terror: Extreme Waves Will Get Even Bigger For This Reason – The Result Is Tragic

The warming of our planet will cause much stronger storm winds that will trigger larger and more frequent extreme wave s over the next 80 years. The largest increases will be in the Southern Ocean, according to the latest research.

It’s been revealed by the latest data coming from that experts at the University of Melbourne have simulated Earth’s changing climate under all kinds of wind conditions. They were able to recreate thousands of simulated storms to evaluate the magnitude and frequency of extreme events.

This study that’s been mentioned above notes that if the global emissions are not curbed pretty soon, we will witness a rise of up to 10% in the frequency and the magnitude of extreme waves in the ocean regions. 

On the other hand, experts also found that there would be a lower increase where effective steps are taken in order to reduce emissions and the dependence on fossil fuels as well.

The website mentioned above also noted that in both these scenarios, the largest increase in the magnitude and the frequency of such terrifying waves would be in the Southern Ocean. 

Here’s the result of more powerful extreme waves 

It’s been also reported that the University of Melbourne infrastructure engineering researcher Professor Ian Young warned that more storms and extreme waves would result in massive sea level rise and damage to infrastructure.

“Around 290 million people across the world already live in regions where there is a one percent probability of flood every year,” Professor Young said.

“An increase in the risk of extreme wave events may be catastrophic, as larger and more frequent storms will cause more flooding and coastline erosion.”

“The results we have seen present another strong case for reduction of emissions through a transition to clean energy if we want to reduce the severity of damage to global coastlines,” experts said. 


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