Climate Change is Causing Oceans to Absorb more Heat than we Estimated

Climate Change is Causing Oceans to Absorb more Heat than we Estimated

The modern society has a big problem – people don’t seem to care about future generations. If they did, they would be more careful with nature and the environment, especially now, when we know that climate change has become a big threat for all of us.

A study published recently in the Nature journal comes to confirm this sad reality. According to scientists, we underestimated the quantity of heat absorbed by the world’s oceans. In fact, it’s 60% higher than we thought so far.

Where does this take us?

The situation described so far suggests that fossil fuel emissions are even more dangerous and the attempt to keep global warming from reaching higher levels is more difficult. The acceptable limits are mentioned in the Paris agreement, but when the document was signed, scientists didn’t have the information they have now.

The new study was interpreted by a scientist from Princeton University in New Jersey, Dr Laure Resplandy. The specialist said that findings show worrying data: sea levels could rise much sooner than the initial predictions.

Besides, all that heat absorbed by the ocean will cause some unfortunate changes. For example, the marine ecosystem will be affected by warmer waters and many species could disappear.

What can we do to slower the rate of global warming?

Knowing that the climate is changing fast and global warming is affecting life on Earth and underwater, we have to do everything we can to at least slow this process. According to Dr. Resplandy, we must reduce the carbon emissions from our activities with 25% more than we initially believed.

This means more care for the environment, with special focus on oceans and seas. Scientists say that the extra heat stored below the sea level will come back into the atmosphere, cool it and reduce the greenhouse effect. Until then, we have to make sure that waters are kept as clean as possible.


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