China’s Rover Zhurong Captured By NASA’s HiRISE Camera – Check Out the Photo

China’s Rover Zhurong Captured By NASA’s HiRISE Camera – Check Out the Photo

NASA’s HiRISE camera captured the recent shot of China’s Zhurong rover, and it looks incredible! The rover appears to pierce the Martian atmosphere bravely in one of China’s most challenging missions ever designed.

The snapshot was initially captured on June 6 by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) via its HiRISE camera.

Here is what you need to know.

China’s Mars Rover Spotted by NASA!

NASA’s MRO carries the HiRISE camera, one of the most advanced instruments we’ve ever seen.

According to the space agency, HiRISE is so powerful that it can resolve various features as small as a coffee table on the red dirt far below. And that’s not all.

Below, you can see the incredible photo of China’s rover Zhurong:

The HiRISE team released another picture on June 23, which shows Zhurong getting farther away from the mission’s landing site.

MRO’s mission

Nasa’s MRO has been orbiting our planetary neighbor for quite some time, beginning its mission back in 2006! 

Some of the tasks MRO has to do include:

  • examining Mars’ geology and climate;
  • searching for any potential landing sites for next missions;
  • serving as a communications relay between landers and Mars rovers and their controllers on Earth;
  • hunting for signs of water ice.

MRO’s HiRISE camera managed to capture Perseverance’s legendary landing event on February 18. It recorded the rover’s spacecraft piercing the Martian skies, descending under its giant supersonic parachute.

HiRISE has also captured NASA InSight and Phoenix landers and rovers Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity.

China’s incredible first Mars mission

China’s rover, Zhurong, is part of Tianwen-1, the first Chinese Mars mission. The spacecraft arrived in orbit around our planetary neighbor back in February. 

Zhurong departed from the primary mission on May 14 and reached the Martian grounds on the massive plain Utopia Planitia shortly after.

The story goes on with the rover’s successful first interactions with Mars and more yet to come.





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