President Trump was offered a meeting with President Putin according during the N.R.A

President Trump was offered a meeting with President Putin according during the N.R.A

The investigation taking place in Capitol Hill seeks to find out if there were communication channels between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin during the former’s presidential campaign. The New York Times presented an article according to which someone with connections in the National Rifle Association (N.R.A) and Russia has written to a campaign adviser of Trump’s saying a back-channel meeting could be arranged.

Has Russia interfered with the US presidential election?

According to Rick Dearborn, a campaign adviser for Trump during the elections, in May 2016, an email was sent to him entitles “Kremlin Connection”. The email was written by an N.R.A member, who wanted to help Dearborn and Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama arrange a meeting between Trump and Putin.

Michael T. Flynn pleaded guilty

Michael T. Flynn, President Trump’s first national security adviser, pleaded guilty for lying to the F.B.I about his contacts with the former Russian Ambassador to the United States.

The time the email was sent to Dearborn was during the Trump campaign, when Russia was trying to make connections among Trump’s staff.

Sources say that the Moscow government was trying to get a hold of the presidential candidate by using three important pillars of the Republican Party: guns, veterans and Christian conservatives.

It seems that Russian President Vladimir Putin was very much trying to establish a good relationship with Trump, during the latter’s candidacy for the White House. The plan was to make it happen through the N.R.A member.

What is still unclear is what method was used by the N.R.A member to extend Mr. Trump an invitation to Kremlin.

Mr. Sessions has gave some details to the House Intelligence Committee explaining that he does not remember very well how things took place.


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