Negative Feedback On The “Salt Bae” New Video

Negative Feedback On The “Salt Bae” New Video

The Turkish chef, Nusret Gokce, aka “Salt Bae”, has become notorious after a video in which he seasoned a piece of steak in a theatrical manner has gone viral. However, “Salt Bae” new video has negatively impacted his audience with described it as gross and disgusting.

The “Salt Bae” video that went viral

The “Salt Bae” first video made the day of its viewers at that time after it was launched on the Nusret “Salt Bae” Gokce’s social network.

Many parodies were then launched to make fun of the Turkish chef’s method of seasoning. Regardless of the parodies made on his video, he became famous and now he just opened a new restaurant in the USA.

The new “Salt Bae” video is gross and disgusting

Chef Nusret Gokce uploaded on Instagram a video in which he slices in two a big piece of meat in the middle of which he drops American cheese slices, raw asparagus, and again American cheese slices.

He then makes a sandwich-looking ‘thing’ from the meat which he puts on a grill and then squeezes to let the juice from the ingredients leak.

Of course, he ended up seasoning the ‘preparation’ in the same dramatical manner that made him famous.

Here’s the video!

Unfortunately, this new “Salt Bae” video hasn’t spawn laughs but disgusted the viewers who weren’t late to leave comments.

Andrew Zimmern declared that “the crime is the Asparagus in the middle”, while chef Duff Goldman said, “that’s super gross”. Other people even went further and compared the way Nusret is slicing up the bloody piece of meat with scenes from “Saw” movie franchise.

Nusret Gokce has 13 restaurants opened worldwide but only two of them are opened in the USA. The newly opened dining spot is the second in the US but received many negative reviews, so God-knows how long it will last.



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