Kate Middleton Is 7 Months Pregnant But That Didn’t Stop Her To Get A Henna Tattoo

Kate Middleton Is 7 Months Pregnant But That Didn’t Stop Her To Get A Henna Tattoo

Kate Middleton (36) is stylish and attractive even during this period when she is 7 months pregnant. The Duchess of Cambridge is always in the spotlight, not just because it is Prince William’s wife, but also because her presence is extremely enjoyable and she is charismatic enough to always attract people around her. Although she’s now 7 months pregnant, Kate Middleton got a henna tattoo during her Sunderland Visit.

On September 4, 2017, Kensington Palace officials have officially announced that the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant again, and the news was greatly enjoying the royal couple’s close friends and family members.

According to an official announcement on Twitter, it seems that the Duchess of Cambridge will give birth in April 2018.

Having a happy marriage since April 29, 2011, Kate and William are already happy parents of two children, a 4-year-old boy, George Alexander Louise and a 2-year old girl, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

A tattoo as a gift

The British royal family received a lot of bizarre gifts in the royal visits made over the years. Now it was the turn of the Duchess of Cambridge to be surprised with an unconventional gift.

William and Kate went on a royal visit on Wednesday (February 21st) to an event that took place at an old fire station in Sunderland, northeast of England. The building was converted into a hub for local artists and one of the artists offered the Duchess of Cambridge a tattoo as a gift.

Shajida Begum, an 18-year-old artist, used natural brown henna to draw a small flower on Kate’s right hand.

Certainly, nobody would have expected a henna tattoo to be allowed by the royal protocol after the Duchess could not wear black at the BAFTA prizes just to comply with the rules.

However, Kate Middleton has made a henna tattoo, and her gesture has been tolerated.


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