Ed Sheeran Opens Up About How He Overcome Substance Abuse

Ed Sheeran Opens Up About How He Overcome Substance Abuse

A lot of people dream of becoming famous, but not many seem to find it as glamorous as it looks like.

Ed-Sheeran saw it all by himself after he became a star, so he stated in an interview that he realized he had to take a break from being famous and rediscover himself. After his successful albums were released (‘+’ and ‘x’), Sheeran didn’t seem to adjust to being a star.

Substance Abuse Made Him Realize He Needed to Take a Long Break

He felt a lot of pressure because there was way too much attention from the media and social media, so he was overwhelmed and faced a period full of negativity and confusion. He said that he felt like he was falling into the ‘pitfalls’ of the entertainment business. Then he started with substance abuse. Sheeran said he never touched anything until that time, so he had to choose a different path.

He took a year off to get back on tracks and rediscover himself, while also recovering from the substance abuse. Although he is known to be among 2017’s hot single stars, he actually has a girlfriend.

Cherry Seaborn Brough Balance to Ed Sheeran’s Life

His childhood friend became his girlfriend and helped Sheeran to recover, bringing balance back into his life, as he told the media.

Music was also a help in getting back on tracks, and he admitted that being under the influence would prevent him to create songs or to perform. He also added that he didn’t want to lose what he struggled so far to achieve over a thing that ‘you do in your spare time’.

Unfortunately, Ed Sheeran got back to his famous self but with a few damaged bones in his body, after he was hit by a car. He is slowly recovering from it, though.

Until he gets back to singing, his early 2017 hits such as ‘Galway Girl’ or’ Shape of You’ still has fans going wild.


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