CDC Says That Wearing Masks Protects You And The People Around Against

CDC Says That Wearing Masks Protects You And The People Around Against


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is modifying its guidance on wearing masks again, as the increase in COVID-19 case numbers keeps on breaking records.

The CDC Now claims that wearing a mask shields you from the novel coronavirus, not only the people around you.

Health officials in Washington kept saying it for an extended period, but now that the CDC made it official, doctors hope that their announcement will determine people who still have doubts about the masks’ efficiency to accept their usefulness.

A Useful Ally

The CDC claims that wearing a mask protects you from the novel coronavirus because masks feature “filtration for personal protection” by blocking various incoming droplets that may or may not contain the virus.

The CDC cited studies that showed how masks reduce the risk of transmitting or catching the virus by over 70%.

The CDC study and guidance is available on their official website at:

Their claims are on par with what infection diseases doctors from Washington kept on saying for the past few months.

Dr Paul Pottinger, a UW Medicine Infectious Diseases medic, stated:

“As they laid out in their guidance, our officers at CDC are very clear: and the scientific question has been answered, ‘masks save lives’. Both to protect others from us and to protect us from others.”

Dr Pottinger supports the CDC’s advice and believes that it should be enough to convince people who are still in doubt about the face masks.

“If our governmental leaders decide that they want to come out with some kind of policy—not just recommendations but policy, they can now turn to CDC and say, ‘here is the highest public office in the land that says this will save lives,” he added.


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