CBD Isolate vs. Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD Isolate vs. Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

With the legalization of cannabis occurring all over the United States, there has been a lot of confusion surrounding CBD. For those who don’t know, there are different natural chemicals that the marijuana plant produces, THC, which causes the commonly known effect of being “high.” But, there is also CBD which has shown to help with a variety of different health issues. 

A Brief Background of the Difference

There is a debate on whether CBD Isolate should be more commonly used or full-spectrum CBD. The main difference between these two different CBD forms is that CBD isolate is isolated from the rest of the plant. In contrast, the full spectrum uses several other natural chemicals, including THC. 

Full Spectrum CBD

Even though full spectrum CBD has THC in it, the balance between the natural CBD and the THC makes the unwanted effects of THC, like hunger and anxiety, more consolidated and tolerable. The mixture and potency of the full spectrum CBD has been known to have positive health benefits faster and for more individuals. 

When taking full-spectrum CBD, there is a chance that the CBD effects will be minimal.  However, there’s a chance you may experience some of the effects of THC.  

It’s different for everyone.  But one thing remains consistent. The  CBD and THC work together, and the combination of the two amplifies the benefits and makes them work faster. 

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate has no THC in it, but something that the isolate has been known for is bad quality. You can walk into any convenience store and buy CBD isolate products because it seems as if CBD is the current trend. This, unfortunately, has been creating lousy publicity for actual CBD isolate products that you can find in local shops and at certain online websites. 

If you buy CBD online, there is a good possibility that the product’s quality will be much higher, and you are less likely to experience the adverse side effects of cheap CBD.

Some of the most common side effects are:

increased stress levels

That being said, even if you buy quality CBD isolate, there is a chance that your body won’t react to it, and you won’t reap the benefits. 

What’s best for me?

If CBD is something that you are genuinely interested in trying and learning more about, it comes down to THC. Are you willing to experiment with small amounts of THC to amplify your CBD experience, or is THC something that you don’t want to get involved with? Either way, if you are serious about CBD, looking for good products will be the hardest thing you will experience. 


Walking into any old convenience store or grab and go gas station and trying to buy CBD is a recipe for let down and possible worsening of health conditions, and finding good places where it is legal to buy full spectrum CBD that has been well maintained and taken care of when packaging and delivering can also be a challenge.

Finding a good product is step one for any new CBD users, and trying and experimenting with different brands and strains is also encouraged until you find something that works for you and your body.


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