Case Study: How America’s CIA Merged With Nazi Intelligence

Case Study: How America’s CIA Merged With Nazi Intelligence

It’s been reported more than once that in the US, things do not stand exactly how we imagine and especially not how we were told. Here’s some pretty mind-blowing information from the 21stcenturywire below.

CIA and the nazi intelligence

“Honest and idealist….enjoys good food and wine.…unprejudiced mind…” – this is how the article that I mentioned above begins. 

“That’s how a 1952 Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) assessment described Nazi ideologue Emil Augsburg, an officer at the infamous Wannsee Institute, the SS think tank involved in planning the Final Solution. Augsburg’s SS unit performed “special duties,” a euphemism for exterminating Jews and other “undesirables” during the Second World War.”

In spite of being wanted in Poland for his involvement in war crimes, Augsburg was able to gain favor with the U.S. CIA. They hired him in the late 1940s due to his expertise on Soviet affairs.

Newly disclosed CIA documents reveal that Augsburg was one of the many Nazi war criminals that US intelligence agencies enlisted shortly after Germany surrendered to the Allies.

YouTube video

Recently released CIA documents, made public by the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act passed by Congress three years ago, confirm what was already suspected – that during the cold war, the CIA extensively employed a network of Nazi spies to carry out covert operations against the Soviet Union.
Someone on YouTube stated the following interesting comment:

“The SS didn’t only recruit collaborators from Belarus. SS Division Galicia was recruited from the population of western Ukraine and is still glorified by the “democratic” government of Ukraine and the overtly fascist Azov battalion. With ample assistance from both the U.S. and Canadian governments, many Ukrainian nazis insinuated themselves into the Ukrainian diaspora in north America, and still wield significant political influence with politicians in both countries.”

I strongly suggest that you check out the video above in order to find out more really juicy details. 

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