Nio ES8 – A New Electric SUV

Nio ES8 – A New Electric SUV

Nio ES8 is the name of the most spectacular model of electric SUV made in China by NextEV and it has just been launched on the market this year. The Chinese intended to rival with Tesla, as the Nio ES8 electric SUV is their first model that includes the Level 4 software standard, the same one that American electric cars also have.

About Nio/NextEV

The Nio ES8 is produced by a Shanghai start-up, which attracted $87 million in funding from Tencent, Baidu, Lenovo, and Sequoia Capital giants. Nio was formerly known as NextEV, a brand under which many prototypes of cars have been introduced.

As for the Nio ES8, it was the first which hit the market this year and the SUV is built in collaboration with the Chinese automaker JAC Motors.

Nio ES8 specs

The Nio ES8 is the first Chinese model to include the Level 4 software standard, so it can take control of the car and take passengers to the destination without human assistance. The machine was designed by Jamie Carlson, a former project manager at Tesla Autopilot.

Nio ES8 is powered by two electrical engines, one placed in the front, and one in the rear, which together pack 644 horsepower being able to reach 62 mph in 4.4 seconds.

Nio ES8 prices and availability

Nio ES8 is available only in China, for now, and it costs around $71,000. However, buyers can choose a model with the battery changing system which costs by $15,000 less but, unfortunately, this implies a monthly battery rental of $250.

Future Nio/NextEVio models

Nio develops an interesting model, the EP9 supercar. The car, which will be launched in a special series of only 10 models, will cost $1.48 million and will deliver a performance similar to the Formula One race cars.

The model will accelerate to 62 mph in only 2.7 seconds, will reach a maximum speed of 250 mph and will have a 280 miles autonomy with the fully charged accumulator.


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