Cannabis Use Leads To Memory Issues, New Research Concluded

Cannabis Use Leads To Memory Issues, New Research Concluded

People who indulge in the consumption of cannabis may be prone to develop memory issues or some cognitive difficulties in comparison to those who don’t consume it.

A team of researchers tested and interviewed 1,121 adults with an age which ranged between 22 to 36 years old. Participants were asked about their drug use history and provided urine samples which were tested for the presence of cannabis and other strong drugs. They were also asked to complete neuropsychological evaluations, which are sophisticated tests with a focus on skills like memory, processing speed, executive functions, and cognitive abilities.

The results showed that 135 people (or 12% of all the participants) tested positive for the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol, the active substance which provides most of the effects linked to marijuana consumption. Participants who tested positive for TCH achieved a lower score in tests which measured the performance of episodic memory and mental processing speeds. In the case of other brain functions, there were no differences.

Cannabis Use Leads To Memory Issues

The new data could have a significant impact on all cannabis users, with a focus on those who use it as an alternative painkiller and have to consume several doses to keep their symptoms under control. In their case, THC flows through their body continuously, and the cognitive consequences could be more significant in the long run. The same theory extends to heavy recreational users who consume marijuana daily.

Furthermore, people who have a profession which requires near-instant decision-making skills could be impaired on the job even if they consume cannabis in their free time. Among them, we can count police officers and air traffic controllers.

Select consequences tend to be present only when the THC can be found in urine. While they may not be severe, any decrease in performance may lead to problems in some situations. It is estimated that 2.5% of the global population have consumed cannabis in the past year. The study was published in a scientific journal.


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