Cannabis Stock Investors Rejoice: The Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment Has Been Approved

Cannabis Stock Investors Rejoice: The Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment Has Been Approved

In 12 months the legal – weed industry has gone up in sales since it was legalized for medical purposes. The public’s shift of view has gone from 20% agreeing to cannabis legalizing in California to a 94% favorable views this year.

Legal cannabis sales have grown last year in North America to 34% and it would grow by 26% yearly until 2021.

These Sale Numbers are Appealing to Investors

Stock investors would like to get in the marijuana industry but there are a lot of risks to take.

The U.S. government still has marijuana as a schedule I substance, meaning that it is viewed as having no benefit in medicine and is illegal. This means that if you invest in the cannabis industry, you won’t be able to get banking services (loans, checking accounts).

This May U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session asked the congress to grant him the right to prosecute the 29 states which legalized marijuana for medical purposes. But the law forbids him to do so. We might hear more from him after he’s done his peace with the medical uses and then he might turn his attention to the recreational cannabis use.

Senator Patrick Leahy has introduced an amendment which forbids the U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session to prosecute the medical use of cannabis in the 29 legal states.

This June Mexico has legalized medical cannabis nationally, letting medical business work on cannabidiol treatments for example.

Recreational Use of Marijuana Might be in Danger

The amendment introduced by Senator Patrick Leahy (Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment) cannot prevent U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session or even the president to have their war against the recreational use of marijuana.

Stock investors might encounter a disaster since marijuana stocks are not safe from the U.S. government’s attention. Those who have already invested in the cannabis stock might lose a lot of money.


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  1. The US stock market isn’t the only game in town. When speaking of investing in the nascent cannabis industry it doesn’t even qualify as an also ran.


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