Cannabis Can’t Cure Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, According To A Study

Cannabis Can’t Cure Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, According To A Study

When searching for more information on cannabis use and chronic fatigue, you might bump into some very shallow scientific evidence in this regard. However, there could be a link between cannabis conpumption nd chronic fatuigue, a new study shows.

Chronic fatigue is usually a disease without some specific symptoms, except for tiredness, loss of memory or focus, swollen lymph nodes, and sore throat, muscles, and joints. It has been made known in the ’80s when doctors described it as “the yuppie flu,” which obviously means a mock nickname for a severe condition nowadays.

Now, the authorities recalled this condition as the “systemic exertion intolerance disease” or SEID, as it is called. Accordingly, the so-called chronic fatigue is now known as SEID, but doctors still don’t have a clue on what’s causing it. However, many assumptions are made, and some of them are saying that alcohol abuse, imbalanced diet, or cannabis use are among the primary factors triggering chronic fatigue.

Cannabis Use Can’t Cure Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

While chronic fatigue syndrome is explicitly described by fatigue and poor concentration, cannabis, which is characterized by relaxations and short-term memory loss, cant; be a cure for such a disease.

However, cannabis can indeed help people sleep more than usual and even relax their minds more than anything else. However, using cannabis is still not seen in good eyes across many countries.

“Until the research gets [everything] together, though, and figures out what it’s all about, there obviously can’t be any reliable tests to see what cannabis can do to fix [chronic fatigue]. So anything you see on the subject today is anecdotal, which may well be true but cannot be relied on, or outright snake oil, which is a politer way of saying “BS,” TheGrwothOp stated on this topic, referring to the cannabis’ properties to cure chronic fatigue.


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