A Canadian Virgin Is Pregnant – Miracle Or Not?

A Canadian Virgin Is Pregnant – Miracle Or Not?

Lauren is a 29-year-old virgin from a Manitoban community, in Canada. The surprising fact is that this woman is a pregnant virgin.

How could this happen – Miracle or not?

Lauren declared that she’s happy as she is and she doesn’t plan to have sex for the rest of her life. She is even disgusted by kissing or everything else that could be sexual in nature.

However, having a baby is another thing for Lauren who thinks that a life growing in her tummy is a miracle. So, she decided to have a baby but no sex.

Disregarding her family’s religious point-of-view and her doctor’s opinion, Lauren opted for a sperm donor to conceive her first baby.

Lauren’s baby could be in danger

The pregnant virgin is suffering from hypopituitarism, a genetic disorder in which the pituitary gland is not fully developed. Lauren has been suffering a lot because of her disease as she was not looking like her colleagues and often got teased by them. However, she developed puberty later than other girls of her age but only after an estrogen treatment.

Thus, Lauren’s baby, even though he/she seems fine now, can develop the same disorder as his/her mother.

She is still wondering how sex is like

Lauren admitted she has been on a few dates but eventually realized that she’s not made for having a serious relationship. She also decided to chat with guys on dating sites but soon quitted as she was getting dozens of “dirty” messages from men that disgusted her.

However, Lauren decided to live without a partner for the rest of her life but she’s still imagining how sex is like.

The pregnant virgin also stated that despite all the hard times she has experienced in school when she was frequently teased by her colleagues, being pregnant is the toughest task she has to pass through.


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