Canada To Legalize Recreational Marijuana – Canadian Senate Passed The Cannabis Legalization Bill

Canada To Legalize Recreational Marijuana – Canadian Senate Passed The Cannabis Legalization Bill

The Canadian Senate just gave the green light to the legalization of recreational marijuana after the measure was subjected to a series of amendments by the House of Commons. In this way, Canada becomes the first G20 member country and the second in the world to legalize cannabis for recreational use.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on his Twitter account that “it has been straightforward for children to get their hands on marijuana and for criminals to profit from it” but “today that changes as our legalization and regulation plan has advanced in the Senate.”

Canada becomes the second country in the world to legalize recreational marijuana

The Canadian Senate passed the measure with 52 votes in favor and 29 against, paving the way for definitive cannabis legalization within eight to twelve weeks. The Senate had already approved the bill in early June but had proposed some amendments to the text, which was put to the House of Commons again for voting to allow further progress.

Trudeau’s liberals, who have pushed the campaign for legalization, have said the new law will prevent underage use and reduce crime related to the sale and use of the drug.

In the US, for example, recreational marijuana is legal in nine states and the District of Columbia, while the medical marijuana is allowed in 30 other states.

What is legal and what is not?

Once the bill passes officially, people of legal age can carry up to 30 grams of marijuana in public. They will also be allowed to grow four plants in their homes and prepare edible products from them, as long as they are for personal use.

However, on the one hand, consumers will have to buy marijuana from regulated retailers or federally licensed producers. On the other hand, the bill stipulates that consumers must be at least 18 years old.

However, provinces may raise the minimum age with the intention of discouraging young Canadians from using recreational marijuana.


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