Can You Go to the Dentist During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Can You Go to the Dentist During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Is it safe to go to the dentist for a cleaning amid the coronavirus pandemic? It depends on your health status and comfort level per experts.

Experts suggest that going to the dentist while the coronavirus is still spreading could be dangerous, based on your level of comfort and your health profile.

When the United States started to be affected by COVID-19, the response was the closure of 90 percent of dental practices, together with other stores and businesses deemed nonessential. All these measures were taken in the hope that social distancing would help with “flattening the curve” and ensure that a lower amount of people catch the deadly virus.

Two months after the pandemic began, most states successfully flattened the curve, and some even started to reopen partially as to get the wheels of the economy turning again. Previously, people were only able to go to the dentist for emergencies, so many people probably want to catch up on their regular appointments now.

As the process of reopening is going on, individuals ask if they can see the dentist again. We will now answer that question.

Per Noelle Dunn, DDM, is the owner of Dunn Dental Group, a Washington, D.C. based firm, and a practicing dentist. According to him, whether you can go to the dentist or not depends on where you live. The reason for that is that although dental offices are viewed as essential businesses, the amount of open offices and their exact situation varies from state to state.

Additionally, the guidelines of the CDC have closed down most dental offices. The only exceptions to this rule are stay-at-home checkups and medical emergencies.

Despite all this, 23 states have decided to allow dental offices to open their doors to the public for cleanings on May 7. More states are now scheduling for even more offices to open.


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