Can You Get Reinfected with COVID-19? What a New Study Says

Can You Get Reinfected with COVID-19? What a New Study Says

As the COVID-19 pandemic keeps causing a lot of sorrow and disarray worldwide, there is also plenty of good news. You can kill the virus from your hands using the usual water and soap, wearing a facemask that can protect you and the people surrounding you, and so on. But yet another great news emerges after a new study.

People who’s test says positive once more for the coronavirus, despite having already recovered from the COVID-19 disease, aren’t being reinfected.

The Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sheds light into the mystery

The report reveals that samples from “reinfected” patients don’t carry infectious viruses. What’s happening is that tests are picking up on the genetic material from noninfectious or dead viruses.

Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University, confirms the obvious:

“It’s good news,”

 “It appears people are not being reinfected, and this virus is not reactivating.”

Researchers attempted to isolate infectious coronaviruses from samples that were taken from 108 patients who retested positive. All of the samples tested negative. The scientists further examined 23 of those patients for antibodies against the virus. Surprisingly enough, almost all of them had neutralizing antibodies capable of stopping the virus from entering cells.

The overall situation regarding the pandemic is not looking too good, although Europe is enjoying a significant downfall of the virus. The current epicenter is in Brazil, the second-worst affected country after the US. Brazil has a death toll of over 50,000 people, while the US has more than 120,000. The number of daily infections in Latin America keeps rising, as in Brazil there are over 1,100,000. Luckily enough, almost 580,000 of those infected patients were recovered.

Scientists throughout the world are struggling to develop a vaccine for the new coronavirus, and we can realistically hope that they will succeed soon.

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