Can We Beat COVID-19 With Radiation? Doctors Believe So

Can We Beat COVID-19 With Radiation? Doctors Believe So

There’s a team of doctors that want to conduct a clinical trial just by using low-dose radiation therapy in order to fight the new virus. This is the first clinical trial of this kind, and it comes from Israel.


About 30 patients will take part in the study for over 15 weeks. The trial has its grounds on the fact that low-dose radiation therapy (LDRT) could improve immune outcomes in patients diagnosed with COVID-19. These patients should also suffer from pneumonia and severe acute respiratory syndrome.


Researchers found out that between 1905 and 1946, around 700 pneumonia patients who were treated with LDRT showed improvements just days after the treatment. They had improved respiration and a lower fever. Their chances of survival were overall better.


One of the researchers stated: “It’s not quite clear today how many of these were bacterial pneumonia, how many [were] viral pneumonias and how many [were] immune-response pneumonias. But looking at those results was very encouraging.”


The doctors found a paper that was published by researchers at Emory University. It seems that, when they treated five coronavirus patients with LDRT, those who received the treatments had 40% less need for the intensive care and the mechanical ventilation than those people who did not get it.


But many other doctors were scared of the side effects of radiation. But they went on with presenting their case, and they had a strong argument. They received the Health Ministry approval this week. “A process that would normally take months was completed in two and a half weeks, and after several rounds of clarifications and amendments and explanations, the Health Ministry has now approved the protocol.”


They want to begin the trial next week.


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