Can Drinking Juice Each Day Help Keep You Healthy? Yes!

Can Drinking Juice Each Day Help Keep You Healthy? Yes!

Health and wellness should always be a high priority in your life, as most people say “you are what you eat.” Maintaining good health seems to be a pretty tough task, but it shouldn’t be seen as a duty because it’s a way for rewarding yourself. Having a physically fit and healthy body can prevent you from developing certain conditions and slow down the impending effects of aging.

While there’s countless ways in keeping one’s body healthy, such as having a healthy diet, regular exercise, promote weight regulation, and reduce your smoking and alcohol consumption, there’s other ways to do it as well.

Some other ways you can boost your health is by simply drinking a refreshing fruit and vegetable juice daily which is proven to give worthwhile effects for the body. It’s recommended to juice fresh fruits and vegetables using juicers, like the goodnature juicer, to see quicker and more improved results.

So, can drinking juice each day helps you keep healthy? Absolutely. But how?

Detoxification and Regeneration

Every morning, having a glass of juice can definitely make a change in your body. As it’s packed with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, it promises to help your body digest and absorb juices easily and detoxify harmful and unnecessary substances. Additionally, fruit and vegetable juices that have a high vitamin content that provides its own advantages for the body.

Most people that are trying to lose weight incorporate detox diets and juice cleanse drinks into their daily routine. Just before taking delicious detox juices, the human body escapes from the hibernation period. Drinking fruit and vegetable juices is a way of rejuvenating and regenerating the body for activating a healthier lifestyle. However, packed juices from supermarkets are less beneficial than the freshly juiced ones, so it’s better to invest in a juicer.

Better Absorption and Usage

As the body requires different vitamins and minerals to combat diseases and keep bodily processes functioning, it doesn’t automatically mean that taking food with large amounts of vitamins and minerals will make you fully protected from illnesses. Although, keeping an eye on the bioavailability of a substance is a big help. A substance’s bioavailability determines its magnitude for the availability of nutrients to be absorbed and utilized by the body.

In a 100% fruit or vegetable juice, it’s actively found to have the nutrients: carotenoids, which are good antioxidants for lessening risks of illnesses such as eye disease and cancer; and flavanones, nutrients evident in antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory activities that could prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Processed juices in cartons and bottles are also comparable to freshly juiced drinks in terms of their bioavailability. It possesses the same rate of absorption and metabolism only for flavanones, yet fresh and real fruits and vegetables have better bioavailability for carotenoids. Thus, freshly extracted juices are still a better choice.

Healthy Weight Loss

Losing weight due to fruit and vegetable juices can happen because of two factors — juices reduce calorie intake and boosts metabolism.  As juices only contain extracted liquid, people can easily take it without too much effort. As mentioned previously, they’re good for detox diets and juice cleanses due to their cleansing properties, yet it’s much more than that.

To lose weight generally, cutting calorie intake is the most prioritized means. Lower calorie intake in the body means that there’s less calories to burn. Solid foods that people usually eat daily contain 6,000 to 10,000 calories, while drinking juices can be a huge deduction.

Additionally, drinking vegetable juices are a good alternative for people who dislike eating solid vegetable servings but want to see results on their weight. For instance, eating a whole wheat bread with 247 calories plus peanut butter spread of 188 calories is much bigger than simply taking a 54-calorie juice. In this way, fewer calories are consumed by the body and it’s easier to digest them.

In relation to calorie intake, drinking juice also increases the rate of metabolism in the body. Combining all benefits, such as the high bioavailability and decreased calorie intake, it’s undeniable that metabolism will speed up due to these factors. Therefore, losing weight in a healthy way can be achieved through drinking juice.

The Verdict

Juices have multiple health benefits for the body, but it’s essential to take note of how much you drink and drink in moderation. Anything in excess is bad for the body. Excessive intake of juice, such as three to five times a day, can also provide risks and disadvantages for your health. Even though juiced fruits and vegetables aren’t identical to processed ones, they can still have adverse effects especially with lack of research about your diet or lack of medical advice.

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