Can COVID-19 Spread Airborne? What The Latest Studies Claim

Can COVID-19 Spread Airborne? What The Latest Studies Claim

Without a doubt, staying away from people as much as possible and avoiding touching your face while you’re on a journey represent the best weapons people have to prevent infection with COVID-19. Washing your hands regularly and wearing a mask in public are also efficient ways of being protected, but there’s still a slight risk there.

What if you could catch the SARS-CoV-2 virus while simply inhaling air while you’re walking the streets? What if you could get infected even with your mask on as you’re not washing it after usage? As grim as it sounds, we have plenty of reasons to believe it’s true.

The World Health Organization supports the claim

The WHO recently admitted that people can catch the COVID-19 disease airborne under scertain conditions. While there have been recent outbreaks of the novel coronavirus in crowded areas like nightclubs and restaurants, it’s obvious that the virus can spread airborne. And with social distancing measures not being respected due to shallowness and skepticism of people, you get the full picture: COVID-19 infects more citizens.

Experts also claim that the lack of ventilation in crowded areas is also contributing to the spread, which can allow the virus to remain in the air longer than normal.

Even the simple act of talking is producing invisible droplets that are able to remain in the air for about a quarter of an hour while the speaker is in a close environment. That’s why wearing a facemask as much as possible is highly recommended.

While the COVID-19 spread has been contained pretty much in countries like France, Germany, UK, Italy, and others, the situation is worsening in other areas of the globe like the US, Brazil, India, Japan, Colombia, South Africa, and Spain. Many countries were fearing a second wave of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and some of them are already experiencing it.


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