A Californian Woman Shows How Dangerous For Health Are The Bathroom Dryers

A Californian Woman Shows How Dangerous For Health Are The Bathroom Dryers

A viral post can make you think twice before using hand dryers in public toilettes. Nicole Ward, a student from California put a Petri dish under a bathroom hand dryer and observed how dangerous for health are these. A Petri dish is a round container, made of glass or plastic, used for the cultivation of microorganisms or samples of animals or plants.

The experiment’s result has been distributed over 500,000 times on Facebook.

What did the woman discover?

“Ok guys, you’re ready to be shocked,” Nichole Ward wrote in the Facebook post where she distributed the picture of what has grown in the Petri dish (you can see the picture at the beginning of this article).

“Here, you see what grew up in a Petri dish a few days after we introduced it for just three minutes under a hand dryer in a public toilet. Yeah, just three minutes,” Nicole Ward wrote in the description of the photo showing a multitude of fungal organisms and bacteria in that pot.

In the picture, there can be seen with the naked eye a number of possible bacteria, fungi, and pathogens that have grown up in the pot.

Are bathroom dryers really that dangerous?

Now, imagine that those bacteria and fungi are on your hands after using such a dryer and you don’t even know about it as you think you’re leaving with clean hands. Then, it is easy to get infested because all those bacteria and fungi multiply and you will most probably ingest them or put them on your face.

The young woman from California claimed to have placed the Petri dish under a Dyson Airblade hand dryer, then left the pot for incubation for 48 hours.

“We are surprised by the outcome but the methodology used is not clear. All Dyson Airblade dryers have HEPA filters that capture particles as small as bacteria.

These dryers are certified as hygienic by university researchers and are used by hospitals, food and business manufacturers around the world,” replied a Dyson representative.


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