Calcium Supplements Can Lower Blood Pressure, But Might Have These Side Effects

Calcium Supplements Can Lower Blood Pressure, But Might Have These Side Effects

Calcium is a significant nutrient that supports our muscles and bones, keeping them strong and healthy. Eating foods like dairy, dark leafy greens, canned sardines, certain beans, and seeds can offer you enough of that nutrient, but many people choose to take calcium supplements to increase their calcium intake.

However, you might want to discuss with a doctor first about any calcium supplements. 

There are some side effects you should know.

Here is what you need to know.

It Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

Back in 2015, researchers surveyed 3,048 people who took part in 16 clinical trials and found quite the results.

Increased calcium intake was linked to reductions in participants’ diastolic and systolic blood pressure. 

So, ask your doctor first if adding calcium supplements can really help you.

It May Increases Your Risk of Heart Issues

A 2016 research published in the Journal of the American Heart Association made quite the discovery.

Among 5,448 adults without cardiovascular diseases, those with the biggest levels of dietary calcium showed lower levels of coronary artery calcification. 

But the researchers found enough proof that calcium supplement use was independently linked to CAC, a severe condition that can raise a person’s risk of having a cardiovascular event.

The Colon Polyps May Rise

If you deal with gut health issues, you should discuss them with a doctor before taking any calcium supplements. Not being cautious about this may lead to severe side effects.

For example, a 2018 research found that people who had had at least one colon polyp removed were more likely to develop polyps in the 6-10 year period after calcium supplementation started. And that’s tragic.

However, more research will soon follow to support those results better and develop ways of taking care of that issue. 

Calcium supplements are essential to your body, but only if you really need them.








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