British Women Among Top Drinkers around the World

British Women Among Top Drinkers around the World

British women can be counted among the biggest alcohol consumers in the world and they consume the same quantity of alcohol as men, according to results from a global study on worldwide booze consumption.

The study observed drinking habits in 195 countries around the world. Led by the University of Washington, the study revealed that British women consume three drinks on average daily, on par with the men.  The study compiled shared data from other studies, collecting information from 28 million people over a period of seventeen years. The results mark an interesting trend among women who drink.

Some sources argue that one reason for the increased alcohol consumption is the well-aimed marketing and the development of sweeter drinks enjoyed by women.  Other sources consider that it may be the result of financial independence among women.

Most nigh-time clubs require a provocative look in order to blend in and not all women are comfortable with revealing themselves. They turn to drinks in other to be more courageous and fill the lack of confidence they experience.

Doctor Alison Mackiewicz, a well-known psychologist, also notes that there was a great stigma upon women that consumed alcohol. If men go out to drink, it is considered a typical activity but women that drink are still vilified. Tabloids usually have a field day while taking pictures of drunken women, which are later exposed for the public to criticize.

Only two other countries that were observed in the study displayed similar results: South Korea and Gambia. The level was noticeably lower in both countries however. The parity in drinking may be caused by the fact that women enjoy paid jobs and financial independence. The stigma is also reduced which may also bolster the women in keeping it up with their male counterparts.

Previous research suggested that moderate alcohol consumption may reduce the risk of heart disease but the new study has concluded that the negative effects considerably overtake any positive ones.


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