Breathtaking Sights: The Grand Canyon Covered In Snow

Breathtaking Sights: The Grand Canyon Covered In Snow

Tourists who visited New Mexico or Arizona this time of the year witnessed an amazing view. While these states are known for their hot temperatures, it appears that this winter got the best of them. Snowfall managed to cover the landscape in snow, and the result was a breathtaking one.

While it isn’t completely unheard off, it is rare to witness something such as the Grand Canyon of the United States covered in snow. People immediately took it to Twitter where they shared the news with everyone else:

Snow day at the Grand Canyon

— Ethan (@_Millhorn) January 1, 2019

Capturing incredible images

Users shared their pictures, and we have to admit that they are impressive. It is not every day that you see the desert hills and valleys covered in snow. Cacti were also covered in snowflakes. However, there is no need to worry. The plants are able to face these low temperatures, as desert nights are very cold as well.

Snow is still coming down in Saguaro National Park East. Rare beauty.

— Andrew Emery Brown (@aemerybrown) January 2, 2019

Hopefully you managed to take you shot until now, as the low temperatures won’t stay here forever. It is expected to have 40s Fahrenheit in the Grand Canyon Village in Arizona, but that will be the lowest point.

Snow – in the Grand Canyon of USA

New Years kicks off to a neat start 2019

— Willi H2O (@Willi_H2O) January 4, 2019

While during night the temperature will continue to go low, the days should become warmer which means that at least some of the snow should melt away. However, it’s only January, so we don’t know how the rest of the winter will go.


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