Breathing Exercises Are Incredibly Efficient For Stress Relief, Here’s Why

Breathing Exercises Are Incredibly Efficient For Stress Relief, Here’s Why

Did you know that having a moment of mindfulness with breathwork can help you if you’re feeling stressed?

When it comes to a morning routine, you might be surprised, but all you need to get started is your breath and body! Studies have shown how efficient mindfulness mediation can be, improving decision-making and concentration.

Here is what you need to know.

Breathing Exercises 101

Basic deep breathing

This breathing exercise is actually one of the most popular out there! And you’ve probably practiced it if you’ve followed any yoga classes.

Start by breathing deeply through your nose for 5 seconds. Next, slowly breathe through your nose for another 5 seconds. Try to focus just on the movement of your breath!

This breathing technique is also called diaphragmatic or abdominal breathing. By regularly practicing, you’ll relax more, and your metabolism will get a boost. It can also lower blood pressure and your heart rate.

Invigorating breathing technique

This breathing exercise focuses on inhaling through your nose and exhaling through the mouth.

Start by sitting comfortably with your legs crossed. Keep your hands in fists near your chest, and begin to pump your arms up in the air as you exhale.

It’ll sure feel invigorating!

Next, bring the arms down a level at your chest as you start to inhale through the nose. Why is this breathing exercise so efficient?
The movement of your arms mixed with the breathing technique can make you feel more energized by elevating the heart rate.

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Breath meditation

This technique focuses on your breath, and you might find it challenging at first. Also, the exercise will require a quiet space without distraction.

Find a comfortable position and start breathing in and out as naturally as possible through your nose. Focusing on the air moving in and out is essential.

TIP: think at the air moving into your body as you breathe in and at releasing stagnant air as you breathe out.


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