Brazil Energy Firm wants Sao Paulo to have a Bioenergy Atlas

Brazil Energy Firm wants Sao Paulo to have a Bioenergy Atlas

It looks like Brazil is going ahead and starting to invest in the country, especially its biomass. One company in particular, named Cesp or Compahnia Energetica de Sao Paulo, has announced on Monday that they are going to start a project that will be centered on the research of Brazil’s biomass size.

Details about the project

The project is going to take a close look at the bioenergy atlas that Sao Paulo has. Researchers are going to pay close attention to biogas plants as another part of their project. The main goal is to understand and try to commercialize the bioenergy that is made.

What will the atlas be about

The main reason for the atlas existing is that researchers, business people and the general population will have access to information about the potential of the Sao Paulo area and also the limits that each aspect has. This means that researchers will look at the upsides and the downsides of silviculture, animal waste, agriculture, municipal solid waste, biogas, the agroindustrial sector and sewage. All these combined will provide a very detailed map of Sao Paulo that is surely going to interest a lot of people.

Sao Paulo right now has about 5.7 GW of biomass coming just from sugarcane. It is going to be very interesting to see how the energy industry is represented in this city.


For those wondering why is this type of bioenergy atlas even needed, we are here to try and explain it to you. For a city to have such a detailed overview of all the energy sources that it possesses, with potential strengths and weaknesses, it would mean that the town could start to work on introducing alternative energy sources. We are more than interested to see the finished product and the outcomes that will happen after this bioenergy atlas is out.


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