Brace Yourselves For “Housing Apocalypse” – Coronavirus Protections Expire

Brace Yourselves For “Housing Apocalypse” – Coronavirus Protections Expire

Even before the coronavirus hit the US, the country was experiencing something that housing experts and advocates called an eviction crisis.

It’s been reported that more than 2 million people are facing eviction each year and this is far more the number of people who faced foreclosure at the height of the 2008 mortgage crisis. 

Experts expect the eviction crisis to get worse in the coming months. The pandemic also hit the country really badly, and the economic recession managed to hurt renters pretty hard. 

They are making up a disproportionate share of service sector jobs, which is an industry that has been decimated as a result of the coronavirus shutdowns. 

CNBC noted that between March 25 and April 10 “nearly half of renters aged 18 to 64 reported that they were having trouble paying their rent or utilities, were food insecure or couldn’t afford needed medical care, according to the Urban Institute.”

Banning evictions in federally assisted properties

In order to keep people in their homes, the federal government banned evictions in federally assisted properties until July 25 – some cities put their own temporary eviction moratoriums in place. 

A lot of those bans are expiring this month in June according to official data that you can find in CNBC’s article.

It’s true that evicting peo0ple in the middle of a global health crisis would put people at massive risk of contracting the novel coronavirus.

This would be “turning “a catastrophe into an apocalypse,” Aaron Carr, founder and executive director of the Housing Rights Initiative, said to CNBC Make It.

“A lot of people could be on the streets,” according to Carr. He continued and explained, “Especially in places like New York City that already have a homeless problem, it could turn into a homeless nightmare.”

We recommend that you check out the complete article by CNBC in order to learn more details on these tragedies. 

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