Boys Are Less Likely To Signal Poor Mental Health Than Girls: Study

Boys Are Less Likely To Signal Poor Mental Health Than Girls: Study

The longest study, in Ontario, on student’s mental-health showed that anti-social behavior between 7th and 12th Grade has significantly decreased in the last two decades.

However, there is still a fast growing number of students- especially girls- who accuses symptoms of anxiety or even depression. The alarming problem remains bullying and cyberbullying, according to a survey.

“This decline in risk behaviors over time parallels the declines seen in drug-using behaviors… suggesting a wider cultural shift to less externalizing or rebellious behaviors among young people today compared with previous generations,” according to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health said. “Ongoing monitoring will determine whether these trends reflect more enduring changes or temporary fluctuations.”

Since 1977, every two years this survey is made on students. Only in the last year, more than 10,000 students were participating from the 7th  and 12th Grade from 124 schools.

The study also shows that more than half of women students tend to have serious psychological pain. Ladies tend to have more elevated stress, sessions with the psychologist and even prescribed medications for depression.

Since 2013, the hours on social media per day doubled which is a big concern. It is not proven yet if the excessive use of technology can cause health issues such as withdrawal symptoms or control loss, or vice versa.

The survey asked about bruises and more than a third reported wounds throughout life and about 130,700 had one the last year from a team sport.

Specialists also saw big differences between the sexes. Girls are more likely to report some inferior physical health and fear of harm in school, while boys probably have physical activity every day and sleep minimum eight hours per night, but they can also have problems spending many hours playing video games or being anti-social.


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