Booster May Be Required For Johnson & Johnson Vaccine As Delta Variant Spreads Extensively

Booster May Be Required For Johnson & Johnson Vaccine As Delta Variant Spreads Extensively

Infectious disease experts are considering the requirement for booster shots of the Pfizer / Moderna – based vaccines for individuals who got the J&J shot one-dose vaccine as the prevalence of the Delta coronavirus variant increases.

A few announced that they had taken a booster themselves, even without making public data regarding whether combining two different vaccines is reliable or safe or on par with U.S. health regulations.

Canada and some European countries are already granting citizens the possibility of receiving two different COVID-19 shots.

The debate focuses on concerns regarding the protectiveness of the J&J shot against the Delta variant, which was first sequenced in India and currently spreading rapidly in numerous countries.

Delta was also associated with more dangerous disease episodes, which may rapidly turn into the dominant virus variant in the United States, said Rochelle Walensky, the CDC director.

There is no reliable data explaining how protective the J&J vaccine is against the Delta variant.

U.K. analysis revealed that two doses of either Pfizer / AstraZeneca are considerably more protective against Delta than a single dose.

Andy Slavitt, a former senior pandemic advisor of President Joe Biden, mentioned the subject this week on his podcast.

Over a dozen reputable experts said that U.S. regulators must address the situation rapidly.

The CDC isn’t recommending boosters currently, and advisors of the agency announced at a public meeting this week that there is no solid proof o a decrease in the protection of the vaccines.

The situation in the U.S. got better since mass vaccination began. Deaths, hospitalizations, and cases have decreased in the country as 56% of the adult population got a complete vaccination.

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