There is a Boil Water Notice for a Large Part of Pearland, Texas

There is a Boil Water Notice for a Large Part of Pearland, Texas

If you live in one of the neighborhoods west of Stat Highway 28, officials suggest that you boil the water you use for consumption. Due to a major equipment failure at the Kirby Water Producton facility, the public water system of the city.

In order to ensure any harmful bacteria is destroyed, residents are urged to boil and cool their tap water they use for washing their hands or brushing their teeth, water for cooking and drinking or ice making.

Who should pay more attention to the notice?

Those who are most vulnerable to harmful bacteria and microbes are children, seniors, pregnant women and people with the weakend immune system. Despite this, everyone else should follow The City of Pearland’s indication.

Another option for Pearland inhabitants is to use bottled water.

This incident not only affected the common people but also some local businesses had to temporarily close until the problem is solved.

Authorities from Pearland informed it could take until Friday morning for this issue to be fixed but they will notify all residents as soon as it happens.


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