Bill Gates, Tyson Foods And Richard Branson Show Interest In Projects That Grow Clean Meat

Bill Gates, Tyson Foods And Richard Branson Show Interest In Projects That Grow Clean Meat

The population is growing and with it so does the demand in food. Today people in the US are searching for organic products and sustainable food which is also animal-friendly. So how can you get meat without hurting animals but still enjoy the taste and the proteins?

You Will Eat Meat Without Slaughtering Poultry or Livestock

Cargill Inc., the large global company in the agricultural field has invested just like Bill Gates in a new technology which will make meat from self-producing animal cells. This way land, water and livestock won’t be needed in order to put meat on the market.

Memphis Meats is currently producing meat from animal cells without raising and slaughtering animals. They make beef, chicken and duck. They have raised $17 million from Cargill, Gates and billionaire Richard Branson.

We’ll Eat Self-Producing Meat and Plant-Based Meat in 30 Years

Richard Branson has responded in an e-mail to Bloomberg News that he’s thrilled to have invested in the Memphis Meats and that he expects that in 30 years killing animals for meat won’t be necessary. He believes that the self-producing meat will be clean or plant-based and taste exactly like the traditional meat, but will be healthier.

Memphis Meats declared that until now they have raised $22 million for their “clean-meat movement”.

Cargill participated to the fund-raising because they know meat is a regular demand and they want to be a part of those who helped bring it to the table. They took into consideration that this is a sustainable project and also effective regarding the costs.

Tyson Foods, the top US meat producer, has also invested in companies which promote sustainable feed. The producer “Beyond Meat” had support from Tyson Foods and Bill Gates in creating plant-based protein meats.

Now the question is how many people will opt for self-producing meat and plant-based meat or for the traditional one?


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