Bill Gates is Willing to Offer $1.5 Billion to the US Climate Program

Bill Gates is Willing to Offer $1.5 Billion to the US Climate Program

Microsoft co-founder and one of the most iconic figures in the world, Bill Gates, steps up and tries to make a change for Earth’s future.

Gates stated recently that his climate fund would be willing to offer $1.5 billion into projects with the US, but there’s a catch. He explained that he’d only do that if the government establishes a program to cut carbon emissions.

Will the US also step up and take some action?

Here is what you need to know.

Financial Support For a Bright Future

The Department of Energy for missions fighting climate change saw a huge opportunity recently. A $1.2 trillion infrastructure package announced by the US Senate would pour billions of dollars into supporting the missions.

And that wouldn’t be the only help it would receive.

If that infrastructure package turns into law, then things would become more accurate. What does this mean?

[…] this collaboration will not only send us on a more durable path to net zero, but will create both immediate and long-term jobs in communities across the country,” explained Gates in a statement published by CNBC.

What does Biden say?

Getting enough money means we can fund work on bridges, ports, roads, high-speed Internet, and clean water. US President Joe Biden also said that such actions would offer thousand of high-paying jobs for people without a college degree.


What’s Up Next

The infrastructure package passed by 69 votes to 30 with backing from a third of Republican Senators.

Now, the package got stuck in the House of Representatives, where its future is less certain due to the divisions that arose in the Democratic majority.

So, Gates’ support via his Breakthrough Energy company is much needed to help the US climate program. It would actually offer $1.5 billion for 3 years to remove greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change.


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