Bill Gates At WEF: Aggressive Carbon Taxes Needed For Net Zero

Bill Gates At WEF: Aggressive Carbon Taxes Needed For Net Zero

Bill Gates spoke at the WEF and said that the first world countries have to see carbon taxes imposed in order to obtain net zero. Check out the latest details about this below.

Bill Gates speaks at the WEF

Check out the following tweet:

Someone said: “we will never be able to achieve net zero because we would be dead before we even came close. its a ridiculous claim and it’s frightening that anyone has this kind of thought process.”

A commenter posted this message: “Windmills and solar panels are the road to rolling blackouts and lower standers of living. This is a sham and one of the biggest transfers of wealth in the history of the world. This is about taking from the middle class and giving to the rich…and damn the actual consequences.”

Killing the environment

Just in case you don’t know, The United Nations’ Net Zero involved killing the environment to save it, according to what these people are saying.

“The United Nations’ Net Zero plan involves killing the environment to save it.”

Australian senator Malcolm Roberts, exposes the utterly insane and unnecessary nature of Net Zero, in the Australian parliament.

“CO2 makes up just 0.04% of the Earth’s atmosphere.

“Human beings are responsible for just 3% of the annual production of CO2… Yet the Net Zero advocates tell us that if we take a fraction of our CO2 and pay an oil drilling company to dump it in the ocean by injecting it under the seabed, we can save the world… Obviously, it’s a bloody lie.” “Australia must ditch the United Nations/World Economic Forum Net Zero pipe dream, and all of its insane requirements.”

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