Big Sheet of Volcanic Rock might help the Great Barrier Reef to get back its Marine Life

Big Sheet of Volcanic Rock might help the Great Barrier Reef to get back its Marine Life

We have written this article to tell you about a recent phenomenon that is happening in the Pacific Ocean. We’ll give you all the details and we’ll tell you what the researchers had to say about it.

So, what did the scientists discover?

Well, it seems like a very big sheet of volcanic rock is floating in the Pacific Ocean. The experts believe that the floating sheet will reach the Australian shores in a few months.

What will be the impact of the big floating sheet of rocks?

The thing that the scientists from Queensland University of Technology are most excited about is that the massive sheet of pumice rocks could bring back the marine life to Great Barrier Reef. They want this to happen considering the fact that in the last couple of years the coral reef has lost a lot of species and organisms due to climate change.

The experts‘ opinion about it

Scott Bryan, geologist and professor at the Queensland University of Technology believes that the phenomenon will help to bring corals and other organisms into the Great Barrier Reef.

For those who didn’t know, pumice is a rock that is formed in the cases where lava manages to cool very fast. In our case, the pumice appeared after the eruption of an underwater volcano that happened somewhere close to the Pacific Island of Tonga. That’s what we heard from the NASA Earth Observatory. The whole thing is supposed to have taken place on August 7.

Two people who were headed to Fiji saw these rocks and said that they are as big as some basketballs. They were very impressed by this phenomenon.

Scott Bryan added that these types of eruptions and the resulting sheet of volcanic rock can happen evey five years. The geologist thinks that now was the best time for this phenomenon to happen.

That’s all we have for you so far. We’ll report back as soon as we have more information about it.


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