Beware of Pesticides and Particles From Paints, Researchers Warn Us

Beware of Pesticides and Particles From Paints, Researchers Warn Us

Exposure to air pollution driven by the daily use of fuels and chemical products, such as pesticides, gases from vehicles, and paints, will bring the death of hundreds of people worldwide.

As confusing as it might sound, researchers released a statement warning us about the worst-case scenario Earth could soon face.

Here is what you need to know.

Pesticides Have Deadly Impact

The new study found that air pollution triggered by anthropogenic secondary organic aerosol affected 340,000-900,000 lives, causing premature deaths. And all due to human activities.

Study insights

A team of researchers, led by Benjamin Nault, forme CIRES postdoctoral researcher, and CIRES Fellow Jose-Luis Jimenez, came up with quite the way of measuring the emissions and determining such results.

Their findings show more than 10 times as many deaths as previously estimated. Also, researchers stated that soon Earth could experience the worst-case scenario.

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Moreover, the team suggests that a third vast type of chemical, known as anthropogenic secondary organic pollutants, is now a highly significant source of deadly tiny particles.

How did the team come across such things?

Researchers used data from 11 general air quality papers based on cities worldwide in the last 20 years. Then, they came up with a detailed database of chemical emissions, including cities such as New York City, London, and Beijing.

Finally, the team ran the new data through an advanced air quality model that combined satellite data, too.

“[…] when you take the atmospheric chemistry into account and put it into a model, you find that this particular source is killing a lot of people,” explained Jimenez.

So far, air quality regulations were focused more on volatile chemicals that produce a huge hazardous pollutant: ozone.

However, considering the new findings, we should be aware of the chemicals that seriously contribute to particle formation.

Researchers aim to raise awareness and urge people to support the scientific field!


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