Best Pressure Points To Get Rid of Headaches Immediately

Best Pressure Points To Get Rid of Headaches Immediately

There isn’t a person who didn’t experience a severe headache in his/her life. We all know that, when you are going through this nightmare, all you want to do is find a cure right away. The more atrocious it gets, the more desperate you become.

Most people try to relieve this tormenting feeling by using pain killers. However, it might take a while before they feel any effect and, in some cases, pills won’t do any good, especially if the body is used to them.

Acupressure is an efficient method to treat headaches fast, right in the comfort of your home

The classical pills remain the most popular home treatment for headaches, but there are other solutions as well. At least one of the alternative methods could turn out to be more efficient than pain killers – acupressure. You don’t have to be an expert; you can do it yourself in your own bedroom or in any place that allows you to sit in a comfortable position.

The procedure is easy:

  • Sit comfortably, breathe deeply and then, with your eyes closed, take another breath;
  • Thoroughly press each point we will mention further and make a small circular motion for stimulating the flood flow;
  • The firm pressure and massage should be performed for 30-60 seconds. If a headache continues, repeat the steps. You can use acupressure as much as you consider necessary.

You can perform acupressure in several places from your body

  1. Yintang means to press right between your eyebrows;
  2. For Zan Zhu you will have to press the points where your eyebrows start;
  3. Yingxiang means pressing the points where your cheeks meet your jaw, above your upper lip;
  4. Tian Zhu – the back of your head and the main points are where your hairline starts;
  5. Shuai Gu – above your ears;
  6. He Gu – press and massage the point where your thumb joins the index finger.


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