Best Natural Oils and Extracts to Look Out for in Your Skincare Products

Best Natural Oils and Extracts to Look Out for in Your Skincare Products

With the endless amount of skincare products out in the market today, it has become extra challenging to find out which ones work best for you. Aside from reviews and recommendations, there is an underrated value in simply reading the product’s label. This allows you to eliminate products that contain ingredients which don’t work well for your skin. It also helps you zero in on specific ingredients that target specific skin concerns. There’s nothing better than natural ingredients, as you know that these have already been tried and tested for years now.
In line with going back to our roots, here are some of the best natural oils and extracts to look out for in your skincare products:

Rosehip oil is an ancient remedy with numerous health benefits. Healthline says that it contains phenols, which are great for anti-fungal, bacterial, and viral uses. Since it is rich in fatty acids, it is extremely hydrating and maintains the strength of cell walls to retain their water. The first step to cleansing the skin is typically removing your makeup, which can be done with micellar water. Bustle highlights INIKA Organic Phyto-Active Micellar Rosewater as a top organic skincare product as it features an elixir of plant-forward ingredients, including organic rosehip oil. As scrubbing off your makeup can strip off and damage your skin, rosehip oil makes for a great contrast as it nourishes and protects it.
Black Currant Seed

The extract from black currant seeds is perhaps one of the lesser known natural oils in mainstream skincare conversations. While it may be mostly popular for its fruit, the extract from its seeds is actually quite potent. Women have been using this to treat menstruation or menopause symptoms for years, and it is also used to strengthen immunity. It does wonders for the skin as it can increase elasticity and serve as a source of nourishment and protection for the skin tissues. Pretty Me’s review of Snail White Whipp Soap lists black currant seed oil as one of its main ingredients, which also acts as a remedy for inflammation. It also contains an essential fatty acid called gamma-linolenic acid that treats skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
Blue Tansy

Blue tansy comes from a small little flower that is endemic to the Mediterranean. It is said to tout calming effects and repairs damaged skin. Two of its main ingredients, camphor and sabinene are said to be agents against inflammation. As it is also an essential oil used for aromatherapy, you can simply apply one to two drops of the oil into your moisturizers. This oil has become so popular that it has become a star ingredient of commercial beauty products. The StyleShaker’s review of the Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask emphasizes how this key ingredient helps minimize redness and also soothes the skin, making it a good match for blemish-prone and oily skin.

As we wrote on ‘8 Great Natural Remedies for Skin Care’ – almond oil has a wonderfully light texture while still being rich in nutrients. It can serve as a deep cleanser for your pores when mixed with sugar, which will then lead to noticeably less acne and blackheads. Cult favorite beauty brand Fresh makes use of this together with other natural ingredients. Beauty blog Smudges says that the Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil is packed with a concoction of oils from seaberry to cranberry seed, and also sweet almond. The concentration of natural extracts, like almond, results in a clean beauty product that protects the skin from free radicals while providing a natural glow.

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