The Best Age to Have Babies Has Been Reconsidered by Scientists and Women Are Doubting It

The Best Age to Have Babies Has Been Reconsidered by Scientists and Women Are Doubting It

One of the hot topics in the whole world is knowing the proper age for a woman to get pregnant. any postpone having children because of different priorities like living their youth without any care, trying to have a successful career or just traveling before settling down to start a family.

Previous theories claimed that the best age to have children would be when a woman is in her 20s, but if they postpone because of one of the reasons mentioned earlier, it would be impossible. Well, it seems that scientist have reached a different conclusion.

What’s the Best Age to Get Pregnant?

A study led by a sociologist at the University of Texas, Dr. John Mirowsky reached an interesting result that might contradict everything we used to know.

He thinks that the best time for a woman to bear a child is the age of 34. He thinks that this is the best age to get pregnant because of these factors:

  1. In her 20’s, some areas of the woman’s body can develop certain conditions, while at 34-35-years-old the body has an optimal health for carrying a full-term pregnancy and delivering a healthy baby.
  2. A woman of 34-35 has a stable relationship with her partner, she has energy and vitality and is mature enough to raise a child.
  3. By the age of 34-35, a woman already has a career and the means to support herself and the baby if the case requires.

Mirowsky also said that having a child in the late 30s is a bit too dangerous, as the body ages and some complications of the reproductive system might appear.

So, the best age should be the mid-30s, when a woman feels more encouraged to become a mother. It is a life-changing moment that should be chosen wisely, as bringing a new person to this world is a lot of responsibility, but it also brings happiness.


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