Being Buried in the Sand is as Dangerous as Fun

Being Buried in the Sand is as Dangerous as Fun

A teenager was playing with his friends at the beach one day. After being buried in contaminated sand, the beach day resulted in a more severe issue. According to his mother, the boy contracted a flesh-eating parasite from the sand.

The 17-year-old teenage boy is originally from Memphis Tennesee, and his name is Michael Dumas. While being on a mission trip to Florida with the church he is part from, he and his friends decided to take a break and relax on a South Florida beach.

A few days later, the boy’s skin started to swell and develop lumps. After a visit at the doctor office, he was told he contracted a parasite which usually has its home in intestines of animals. That parasite is called a Hookworm.

After this happening to her son, Kelli, the mother, posted the story on Facebook in order to raise awareness of how dangerous it is to be infected with such a parasite and hor disturbing the infection can become.

“He was buried in the sand for fun, and it has become our nightmare. Four of our people contracted a parasitic infection, hookworms, from the Pompano Beach,” she said.

“Michael has the worst case by far… We have been to the pediatrician 4 times, to a dermatologist and had a follow-up appointment today. He is in pain, and this is AWFUL.”

“Never be buried in the sand or allow your children to be either. I am only showing a few pictures because it is so disturbing,” she wrote.

The mother from Tennessee said she got in touch with the health department who suggested that most of the beach visitors know how common it is to contract parasites from beaches.

The hookworm infections of this kind can be easily contracted if you walk barefoot on contaminated soil.


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