Behold Atlas, the Robot That Engages in Parkour Just Like a Human Being

Behold Atlas, the Robot That Engages in Parkour Just Like a Human Being

Surely you remember when you were a child and seeing humanoid robots as they perform actions that look very… human. Sci-fi movies and cartoons were often presenting characters that nobody would have guessed that they are robots. Slowly but surely, those wild scenarios are becoming a reality.

Boston Dynamics brings its bipedal Atlas robot to the world, and it’s showcasing it in new videos that left the audience speechless. The robot flips, volts, it nearly falls but regains its balance, and so on.

The moves look so human that you could swear that it’s one of your comrades doing all that stuff!

How Atlas works

The development team didn’t hesitate to speak about how the magnificent robot works, and it released a video on the matter:

In the blog post about Atlas’ invention, the researchers wrote:

In this iteration of parkour, the robot is adapting behaviors in its repertoire based on what it sees,

This means the engineers don’t need to pre-program jumping motions for all possible platforms and gaps the robot might encounter.

We can all realistically predict that the world is approaching a technological era where a lot of our jobs will be done by robots. While it sounds great at first glance, meaning that humans won’t have to make too much effort anymore, such a world is frightening a lot of folks. What will millions of people do for a living anymore if there shall be no more cars that need drivers, planes that need pilots, construction sites where all the work will be done by robots, and so on?

What’s your own perception about a world run by robots? Feel free to tell us in a comment below!

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