Beginner’s Guide To CBD: Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A CBD Vape Pen

Beginner’s Guide To CBD: Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A CBD Vape Pen

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical compound in cannabis. CBD is also a critical component of medical marijuana. While it’s from the hemp plant, CBD can’t cause psychoactive effects, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Users can consume CBD in different forms, like tinctures and vapes.

Yet, users can gain distinct benefits when vaping CBD oil. But, you need a reliable CBD vape pen first.

Here are five things to consider when buying a vape pen for CBD:

  1. Understand How Vape Pens Work

If it’s your first time buying a CBD vape pen, it’s essential to get yourself acquainted with an introduction to vaping. You can begin by understanding how vape pens work.

First, know that three primary components create the standard vape pen. These elements are:

  • Heating devices (Atomizers)
  • E-liquids
  • Rechargeable batteries

Vape pens also have tanks (chambers and mouthpieces). Users can activate the device with a push of a button, which may be on the vape pen’s body. Suck the liquid through the mouthpiece with the help of an air vacuum created upon pushing the button. The more you press the button, the more CBD oil you consume.

The heat generated from the portable device helps turn the liquid into vapor. Blow the gas from your nostrils and mouth to release smoke that may look denser than the air coming from cigarettes.

  1. The Heating Method

Various CBD vape pens are on the market. But, many vape pen manufacturers use two primary methods to heat CBD oil e-liquids. These heating processes are:

  • Conduction – The CBD oil is in direct contact with the vape pen’s heat source.
  • Convection – The vape pen transfers heat from its atomizer to the CBD oil.

Vape pens using conduction heating may not promote an even burn. Still, consider buying high-quality vape pens from reliable brands and manufacturers.

Conversely, convection vape pens might have a higher price tag than models with conduction heating because of the heating method. Convection pens have a more complex burning method than conduction-heating atomizers.

Convection heating might be popular to use while vaping because it gives you a quality smoking experience. Vaporizers using convection heating may provide better temperature controls than their conduction heated counterparts.

  1. The Battery Life

Various CBD vape pens use rechargeable batteries to power the device. If the battery runs out, the vaporizer can’t push the liquid through the shaft and into your mouth. Consider selecting a vape pen with a long battery life.

Still, it might also depend on how often you need to use the pen. Specific users might only need to consume CBD oil with the device infrequently. Conversely, other individuals may need to consume more CBD oil than others.

Using your chosen CBD vaporizer may also depend on the dosage you need for your medical condition. If you’re unsure, it’s best to follow the lowest dose possible instead of consuming a large amount in one go.

Also, avoid CBD myths as specific reports might be nothing more than baseless rumors. Consult your doctor to find out the right dose you need when vaping CBD oil.

  1. Size

Certain CBD vape pens may be larger than other models. You don’t need a portable vaporizer if you’re only going to consume CBD oil at home. On the other hand, think about buying a compact CBD vaping device.

Also, desktop vape units might be more expensive than their portable counterparts. Perhaps one advantage you can get from using at-home CBD vape pens is you won’t worry too much about the battery life.

Many portable CBD vape pens also have a shorter battery life than the desktop units. Still, the main benefit of these models is you can put them inside your bag or carrying case conveniently.

  1. Price

Last, consider your budget when you’re searching for the right CBD vape pen. Research about the various CBD vaporizers on the market, and choose the model that can give you excellent value. Remember, cheap models might not equate to a high-quality vaping experience.


Also, remember to check online for reviews on the best CBD oils. Your preferred CBD vape pen may only be one part of the equation. Take your time in choosing the right CBD products if it’s not an urgent need. 

Choose high-quality CBD oil so you can gain the most benefits out of consuming the product. Join online forums with people talking about the latest CBD trends, so you’ll know which vape pen and oil to buy.


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