Bees Are Dying Because of the Agrochemicals Used, New Study Explains

Bees Are Dying Because of the Agrochemicals Used, New Study Explains

Earth is experiencing the worst-case scenario due to climate change, pollution, and global warming. The worst thing is that we can’t really see a way out at the moment.

A recent study urge people to reconsider the dangers of pesticides as more and more bees are dying.

Here is what you need to know.

Bees Threatened by Agriculture

A new meta-analysis of dozens of studies over the last two decades examined the interaction between malnutrition, agrochemicals, and parasites on bee behaviors. That included memory, health, reproduction, and colony.

The findings are genuinely intriguing yet shocking.


Researchers discovered that when those various stressors kicked in, they negatively influenced bees, increasing mortality. And that’s not all.

The study also found that the pesticide interaction was probably “synergistic.” Such a thing means that their mixed impact was bigger than the total of their individual effects.

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Researchers explained that their findings prove that the current regulatory process doesn’t protect bees from any consequences.

“A failure to address this and to continue to expose bees to multiple anthropogenic stressors within agriculture will result in the continued decline in bees and their pollination services,” researchers stated.

Previous research has examined how those stressors interplay, while the new study proves that the so-called cocktail of agrochemicals that bees met in their ways in an intensively farmed land can trigger their deaths.

Researchers explained that there is an urgent need for more work in the field on other pollinators to figure out which might reach differently to those stressors. We can always raise awareness about this case and support the scientific field!

FACT: around 75 % of Earth’s crops producing seeds and fruits for people’s consumption are based on pollinators; coffee, almonds, cocoa, and cherries are amongst them.

And as if it wasn’t enough, back in 2019, a team of researchers found that a third of insect species could disappear altogether by the end of the century, while approximately half of all insects around the globe are decreasing.

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