Barack Obama And Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Connection Is Discussed

Barack Obama And Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Connection Is Discussed

It’s been just reported that Barack Obama and Jeffrey Epstein’s connection is in the spotlight. Check out the latest reports that still have to be verified.

Here’s a tweet that raised our eyebrow below:

Someone dropped the following comment via Twitter:

didn’t sit in Jeremiah Wright’s church because he was a good guy, wasn’t racist, and loved America.

He sat in that church because he was the opposite of those things.

Never a day goes by that we don’t feel the repercussions of his disastrous presidency.

#DurhamReport revealed last week #Obama is guilty of orchestrating a government #coup against his successor, setting up everything in place to ensure Hell was unleashed on #Trump by the #FBI using false allegations and fake evidence dreamed up by #TeamHillary but put to use in the #DeepState by Obama.

Obama needs to be tried, convicted, and imprisoned.

NOT Trump, #AlvinBragg, but Obama.

#Obama, #HillaryClinton
and #JoeBiden are criminals, and #RussiaGate makes #Watergate look like child play in comparison.”

The issues mentioned above are still under investigation, and we suggest that you stay tuned for more official details when they are released. 

More about Epstein and his island 

The other day, we revealed the fact that actor Jim Caviezel is known for trying to help children by revealing the shocking truths of child trafficking. Check out the latest reports about this disturbing but real subject below.

Here is a tweet that everyone must see:

Sound of Freedom: Jim Caviezel blows the lid off child trafficking, Epstein Island, Hollywood in Steve Bannon interview. This piece blew our minds and we strongly suggest that you watch the video as well.

Here is a trailer for the movie that he’s helped make:

The actor said the following as well:

“Jim Caviezel – Do you Really Believe Joe Biden is The President of the United States? ????

“They talk about QAnon. Do you know what Q really means? It means question.” BOOM????

“They’re all Controlled by Central Banks”

“God led us in the direction & he’s leading me towards the children.” ????

“After the Passion of the Christ, no studio would hire me. They’re all controlled by the central banks.”

“Do you really think Joe Biden is the President of the United States? Do you really think he is running our country? Who are above him?
Who are the puppeteers?”

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