Avoid These Eating Habits and Sleep Better – What Should You Know

Avoid These Eating Habits and Sleep Better – What Should You Know

Troubled sleep and insomnia are the worst, especially if you deal with them for quite some time. But did you know that your eating habits might be to blame?

According to dietitians, what you eat before sleep may have a serious potential to ruin your sleep. And as if it wasn’t enough, you could risk triggering an imbalance of specific essential fluid or nutrients throughout the day. 

Here are only a few eating habits that you should try to avoid:

High-fat or Greasy Meals 

The thing with fats is that it takes longer to digest. So, it stays in your stomach, triggering more stomach acid. And that’s even worse because it can result in heartburn.

“Lying horizontally in bed makes heartburn worse because the stomach acid can more easily backflow into the esophagus,” explains Brena Braslow, MS, RDN, LDN. 

Water Before Bedtime

Forgetting to drink water during the day and drinking in the evening is not really ideal when going to sleep.

Doing that will trouble your sleep as you may have to wake up during the night to use the toilet. So, try to reach your daily water intake early.

Late Dinner

Another culprit to disrupted sleep or even insomnia is a late dinner. The reason?

We need our energy to be spent restoring and getting us into a deeper sleep. If you have your dinner late, your energy will go to your GI tract to digest the food. 

So, it’s better if your stomach is mostly empty right before you go to sleep, so all the work to be done for a full night of sleep!

Going to Bed Dehydrated

As previously mentioned, drinking much water right before bedtime is not the best idea. So does going to bed dehydrated.

Dehydration can disrupt your circadian rhythm, leading to insomnia. Also, not getting enough sleep can trigger dehydration, which totally nurtures a vicious cycle.

Eating too Much Sugar/ Carbs

Too much sugar or too many carbs, including starches or sweets, during the day, can make the sugar and insulin increase a lot, troubling your sleep hormones.




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