Australia to Develop Lasers to Track and Destroy Space Junk

Australia to Develop Lasers to Track and Destroy Space Junk

Australian researchers say an intense ground-based laser focusing on space junk will be prepared for use one year from now. They say there are are hundreds of thousands of bits of junk orbiting the Earth that can possibly harm or wreck satellites.

Decreasing the measure of junk from the orbit has been the focal point of a gathering of researchers this week in Canberra. The meeting was organized by Australia’s Space Environment Research Center.

About the meeting

The gathering has heard that a laser utilizing energy from light radiation to move disposed pieces of junk in space could be prepared for use within a year. Specialists in Australia trust that the innovation would have the capacity to change the way of orbital junk to anticipate impacts with satellites. The point is to build a more effective laser beam that could push the junk into the Earth’s atmosphere, where it would be consumed.

Craig Smith, head of EOS Space Systems, the Australian organization that is building up the junk busting gadgets, clarified how it all works.

What we know about the laser

They track objects and anticipate impacts with high precision and, in the event that they think a trash object will have an impact with another space trash junk, then they can utilize the laser to change its orbits, as opposed to colliding with a satellite or another space trash object, causing more space trash. As they increase the power to a bigger and bigger laser, at that point, truly, they can get close to what they call de-orbit the satellite by decreasing its speed enough that it begins to change orbit height and, inevitably, gets to the atmosphere and the atmosphere assumes control and drags it.

Space junk does not need to be enormous to cause harm.

In Europe, extensive nets and spears are being produced to catch junk encircling the planet.


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  1. Yeah really, that’s what their going to do with it!

    That’s also the reason why laser were made for ships so that they could destroy the floating plastic in the ocean.


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