Asylum Seekers Enter Canada – Official Position and Future Plans

Asylum Seekers Enter Canada – Official Position and Future Plans

Recently, the number of asylum seekers who cross the border to Canada illegally has been on a high rise. However, the government declared that the US immigrants are only a small number from the total of the people who want to arrive to the country.

Higher and Higher Numbers

Last month, the RCMP caught 887 people who wanted to enter Canada in an official way. This is a solid increase, since in February the number was 658 and in January it was 315. This means that only in the first three months of the year, the total number reached 1,860. Most of the cases were spotted in Quebec, where 644 people attempted to cross the border. This is also an increase from February, with 432 and January, with 245, reaching a total of 1,321.

Official Position

Scott Bardsley, who works as a spokesman for Ralph Goodale, Public Safety Minister, declared that most of the immigration taking place in Canada is planned and managed carefully. Surprisingly, people who ask for asylum spontaneously come in smaller and unpredictable numbers. According to his statement, they feel at risk or in danger, and once they reach the country, they claim asylum in order to have personal protection.

Future Plans

The same official declared that the Canadian authorities are planning to undergo several major developments, so that they are able to better manage the increase in the immigration numbers. At the same time, they are trying to stick to the international obligations Canada has.

According to Bardsley, most of the irregular migrants have visas for the US, so they have already cleared a security screening. After passing to Canada, they also receive a further security screening. However, the representative added that illegal immigration does not represent a free ticket to the country. Moreover, every immigrant has to undergo serious health, record and identity checks.


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